Time to Your Finances!

We're a world class investment and asset management firm headquartered in Auckland New Zealand dedicated to being a distinctive and trusted provider of investment and asset management solutions for individual and institutional investors. Our goal is to offer clients high-quality investment services that have generated compelling performance and meet multiple financial needs.

Our Integrated Advantage

The future is full of questions. We believe in the power of integration to defy uncertainty, creating opportunity and providing investors with confidence in their investment decisions and outcomes. That’s why we integrate our whole business around you – the outcomes you want, the values you hold, the experience you’ll have when you invest with us.

We are always working towards creating more relevant, genuine, valuable outcomes for everyone. And the more people we do this with, the better.

For us, responsible investment is a way to get the best possible return for you in the long term. We’ve always believed that companies that conduct their business in a responsible and sustainable way are more likely to succeed over time, benefiting both you and society. Bad practices don’t just hit the headlines, they hit the bottom line as well.

Investment Integration

We work together with fund managers and analysts, customising environmental, social and governance (ESG) integration across our investment process, to deliver improved investment outcomes for clients.

Active Influence

We use our influence through engagement and voting to promote sustainable business practices, gain insight and reduce investment risk. And we’re not afraid to call out bad performance.

Regular Promotions

Our firm provides regular promotions helping dedicated investors and partners receive promo codes or automatic upgrades with added percentages to the earnings.