Getting Started

A step-by-step tutorial on how to sign up and activate an investment contract.

The Equity Corps service platform was created with the investor in mind. The platform has been designed in such a way that it is easy for clients to navigate around the website without any problem whatsoever. It’s very easy to understand and quite user-friendly. However, everyone understands differently. So, if you still need help with performing any actions such as opening your account, signing up for a contract, collecting interest and more, then follow the below step-by-step guide.

1. Open your free account

Opening an Equity Corps account is fast, easy, and free. We don’t charge monthly or annual fees for your personal account. Our inclusive customer policy extends to users in every corner of the world. Regardless of where you live, you’re eligible to apply for a free account. To sign up, simply click the register button and fill out the corresponding form. As easy as that, and you will have your personal account.

2. Learn about our services

Before you start investing witg us, it’s best to explore our services from all angles to choose the path that works best for your goals. You have two great earning options: you can become a partner, which enables you to take part in our lucrative partnership career offer, or you can participate in our investment contract services to secure a stable, daily income. If you can’t decide, fear not - you can activate both earning options simultaneously. 

3. Sign up for an investment contract

Signing up for an investment contract is fast and easy; you can do it from your personal account, ‘Contracts’ section. Note that the minimum amount needed is 150 USD, for a contract that ensures you 2% daily ROI. Your interest grows as your active participation grows. An investment contract runs for 5 days.

4. Collect Returns

One of your greatest perks as an Equity Corps investor is our ‘payment on demand’ function. This payout service is available to all investors. Once you request a withdrawal, the funds are distributed to your designated account within seconds. Transaction information is provided to you in real time, so you can verify your withdrawals on any block explorer website or on your stipulated payment account. Equity Corps does not charge fees for withdrawals. Note that the maximum withdrawal time is 24 hours.

5. Join our Partnership Career Offer

Partners are awarded with referral commissions, which is 8% of your referral’s investment. It’s a small thank you for expanding our network worldwide. All partnership commission is applied directly to your personal account balance.